What Moves You? Part 2

In my last post I discussed finding what moves you, or what excites you. The ideas which create the feelings of determination to pursue new adventures. In today’s post, I will relate how figuring out what moves you can translate into your choices.

To show what I mean, I will give you my story. I listed in my previous post four things that excite me. One of them is freedom. When I think of freedom, I think of being able to pursue dreams, conquer new goals, and live presently. It’s not being tied down to what limiting ideas I have for myself, but breaking through to limitless heights. Freedom comes in many forms and through many experiences. But there’s one in particular that has catapulted its way to the forefront.

As a kid I was a figure skater. I really loved it and spent many years competing. But I decided to hang up my blades when I was 14 because, well, I was a teenager and I wanted to do other things. Fast forward 18 years and I have rekindled my love and passion for figure skating. (I’ll save the details of this story for another day) But the bottom line reason why I have decided to pick back up the sport is because of the freedom I feel on the ice.

Gliding over the ice with speed, switching between forwards and backwards edges, digging the toe pick into the ice and propelling myself into the air. The artistry of bringing music to performance on the ice brings liberty to my soul. I have never experienced such a sense of freedom – freedom to set new goals, to rekindle dreams, to just be myself.

Because I have figured out what moves me at my core, I can make the decision to again pursue a sport that I am passionate about. And in that, I find satisfaction.

If travel excites you, and you aren’t able to travel on the budget you have today, what decision will you make with your finances or career to change that? If helping people deeply moves you, what decision will you make? Have you thought before about starting an outreach? If the opportunity to learn something new inspires you, will you make the decision to learn that new computer program or hand craft?

I think you are getting my point. We all lead busy lives. And in the busyness of life, we fill it up with lots of things that we don’t find satisfaction in. I challenge you to find one thing that excites you or moves you as a person. And make a decision to act on it.

I’d love to learn more about what moves you as a person, and what decisions you want to make to take the next step. Leave your comments below!

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