What Moves You?

Ever feel like you want to do something new or different, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe there’s an idea in your head ready to burst out but you’re unsure how to formalize it? Or possibly you’re unsure of what it is that you want to do but you know its something different than what you are doing right now.

There’s one question that you need to ponder. “What moves you?”

I know that in this busy season of life where it’s not just the carrying of a lot of plates we do – it’s carrying lots of stacks of plates on top of each other – we have to be pretty selective in picking and choosing the things we put extra time into.  But we are creators and innovators and thrive in newness.

And then there’s the issue of attention span. I think the kids have zapped about 40% of my natural attention span (I hope they give it back to me some day) and the rest of life vies hard for the remaining balance. So with very little to spare, its even more important to dial in.

What do I mean by “what moves you”? Being the creative problem solver that I am, I love to ask this question. What moves you deep down in your heart, your gut, that spurs you on to new adventures? If I asked you “What excites you about life?” what would be your answer? Think about it for a minute.

Helping people?
Healthy lifestyle?
Opportunity to learn something new?

These are the things that excite me about life, and move me to act:

  • The potential to travel to my bucket list destinations – New Zealand, Japan, & Iceland
  • Having meaningful and fulfilling experiences with my family that create memories more valuable than gold
  • Inspiring and helping people become more of who they are created to be
  • Freedom

I’ll connect the dots of defining what moves you with applying it to decisions in my next post. Until then, leave a comment and let me know what excited you most about life and what moves you!

One thought on “What Moves You?

  1. THIS excites me!! I love being a part of a gift that is birthed and, Rachel, you are well on your way to inspiring and encouraging women of all ages! This generation needs your “voice” and thank you for stepping out and shouting loudly for all to hear 🙂 Happy Growth!! xoxo

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