Wow. I’m Lame.

I kicked this blog off with awesome intentions and then …. well, it’s been a few months. I apologize. I can say life got in the way but that’s a pretty lame excuse. Life has been pretty cool the last few months. I figured I would fill you all in. I’m happy to announce that I will be consolidating a lot of my life … my Life Forever Young .. into this blog so you’ll start seeing a lot more of me. From being a mom who refuses to be “an adult” to my professional work and business growth to figure skating and so much more. I promise to keep it interesting. xoxo


Looks like I left off in May. So, in May I competed in my first figure skating competition since 1995 (I think). I shined in the areas that I had worked so hard on – choreography, spins, and stamina – and fell apart on the things I can do with my eyes closed – my jumps. There’s nothing more freeing than being alone on the ice, dancing like on clouds, and just melding into the music. I’ve got some big goals for 2016. Here’s a clip from my program where I placed second.

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I’m a Social Media + Marketing Consultant. I love creating and developing new ideas and working with start ups. <3 It fills in part of my creative soul. Recently, I was added to the amazing all female entrepreneurial start up CharlieCurls, to help launch the new all natural no heat hair curler into the online space. We embarked on a Kickstarter campaign and rode that puppy all the way to 100% funded in 30 days! We fulfilled our first order, have shipped out, and are selling online now. We also have some pretty cool opportunities down the road as well which you can keep your eyes peeled for!


Party time! Party time! I turned the page on the good old calendar and turned another year YOUNGER! I still have to ask myself, wait 33 am I really 33 now? But the truth is, yes. And I feel awesome! We celebrated pretty low key and ate at my favorite hole in the wall South American restaurant Pico Rojo. Best empanadas ever. I mean, legit empanadas. I then traveled out to Kansas City for training and team building with 15 of my business partners. We have some incredible things to celebrate so far in the business this year as so many of them have taken the vehicle of Lifevantage and tethered it to their dreams and goals for life. We’ve got some big goals for 2016 as well.

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Living Life Forever Young this summer is all about choosing to do what moves you in the moment and letting things just happen. To echo one of my favorite quotes by Teddy Roosevelt “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So go be you. Do what you are meant to do. And in that you will find happiness with the ones you love.



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