3 Tips On Moving A Family Of 6

It’s been a little crazy in the Saul house for the past few weeks. Since a recent flood in our rental in August, thanks to the non-tropical tropical storm which ruined our first day of vacation, we have been living in a state of disarray. Rooms gutted, makeshift beds, exposed concrete floors. And right before school started! We had some challenges, to say the least. But everything works together for good and a door was opened for us to move to Tampa. A decision we had been putting off for quite some time. Our Tampa church plant just turned one year old and both Ryan and I (collectively) had been driving 6 days a week a 30 mile round trip.

Moving Day

We officially made the big move. And I’m not a super planner. I’m not a fantastic list builder. I tend to underestimate. And with a family of six, there’s a lot to keep in mind. So I wanted to share my top three tips on moving my family of six. However, these practical points work for anyone and any family of any size.


I love purging. It’s like a breath of fresh air. That four year old Target clearance shirt that you had to get because it was a steal and wore only once because it fit weird, give it away. Your son’s school papers from last year that you find stuffed between his dresser and the wall, dump it. That glassware that has sat dusty in your cupboard since your wedding ten years ago, find it a good home. You don’t need all this stuff.


If you’re like me, some of the things I have collected over the years (besides children) are t-shirts, crafting supplies, and random knick knacks created for parties. I realized that I can’t keep dragging them behind me. I can only wear so many t-shirts and that fabric I bought 7 years ago, I’m really not going to use it – ever.

Don’t think twice! Purging is good for your soul. Realize quickly what you can live without and get rid of it. I’m teaching my packrat kids to do the same.


I’m the queen of this. What I’ve learned in my multiple moves is that there is always more to do than you think. Because life with a family of six is hectic, I am not the perfect planner. So I recommend that you learn the art of purging first. Once that is done, you’ll be left with only the items that you need. In some rooms of mine, this decreased the amount of work needed to be put in to pack the room significantly.

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants with the move. Estimate how much time it will take to pack up each room, and tackle that one at a time. We packed over a two week period. It wasn’t so stressful or overwhelming that way. However, this latency in packing could get you in trouble as moving day slowly creeps up on you. Be diligent.

If you underestimate the amount of time it will take to prep all your boxes for moving, you’ll be a mess the night before moving. Have your kids pitch in to work on their own rooms.


I won’t lie. Moving is super stressful. Beyond the boxes and the trash, the details of starting and stopping utilities (not to mention the outrageous deposits required by some) and the hard work of making a new house a home, I did have moments of utter breakdown. Even questioning the whole decision in the first place. I would think to myself, “Surely if it was this painful, it isn’t the right decision?” Wrong.

Stay focused on the mission.

It will come to an end. You will finally get all the trash out of your old place. You will finally get everything out of boxes and put together. Pictures will get hung up on walls. Clothes will get put away in the drawers. The garage will get organized. Only if you stay focused.



I have to say, I LOVE our new home. We have fruit trees, gigantic plumeria plants, an extra bedroom for an office (WOOHOO) and guests to stay in. We are putting in a fall garden. Did I mention I have a little sanctuary? As these things get put together, I’ll share the progress on the blog.


Happy Saturday!

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