{VIDEO} Confessions of a Mom: #StopTheTangles

I really HATE brushing my daughter’s hair in the morning. It is soo knotty and tangly. There’s tears. There’s yelling. There’s frustrations. And then, we’re late leaving for school. Again. I’ve been notorious for sending her to school with ponytails only brushed slick on top of her head, messy (aka I can’t brush that rats nest) buns, and I’ve even cut the knots out!

Here’s the first installment of my Confessions of a Mom video. Hope you like it! It’s REAL LIFE. Let’s celebrate it.

The CharlieCurls┬áis an AWESOME thing! Ruth just loves her hair in the morning. I love her hair. There aren’t tears. We have extra time trying to get out of the door. It’s so inexpensive too.

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#IWokeUpLikeThis MEME-3

What’s your horror story of a tangled mess? Comment below. I’d love to hear them.

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