Blue Christmas

I had been mulling over this for MONTHS. Way too long. I daydreamed and ruthlessly scoured Pinterest for the perfect color. Doing all the work that doesn’t require any action on my part.

I’ve always wanted blue hair. So channeling some of the wisest advice I’ve ever heard from Mel Robbins, I enacted the 5 Second Rule (see video below). And committed. I’m so glad. I am in LOVE, My hair dreams have come true. Sometimes it is blue. Sometimes it is green. Sometimes you can’t even see it.

blue hair rachel mom forever young 2 blue hair rachel mom forever young 3 blue hair rachel mom forever young blue hair rachel mom forever young 4


Then to keep the color inspiration going, I painted my office. With the 5 Second Rule again, I went with my gut and chose one color out of two. Mixed it and bought it all in 10 minutes. I knew if I didn’t do it that way, it would never happen.

It’s truly my favorite color of ALL time.

turquoise room

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