Goal Setting for Busy People

It’s the quintessential time for goal setting your 2016 year. Could there be a bigger buzzword phrase right now? I don’t think so. And let’s be honest, I can’t goal set for the year in February or July. So even though every one else is doing it, I’ll give myself and you the green light to do it too. This is one bridge that is ok to jump off with everyone else. 😉

It’s 5 AM

What Am I Doing?  It’s quiet. There’s not a peep in the house. I’m wide awake and focused. (thank you AXIO) I am sitting down in my creative aquarium, aka my turquoise office, and thinking on my goal setting in years past. I love to set big goals and then spend hours devising the meticulous, step by step plan to ensure that I will hit those goals at one hundred percent. Then a month passes and those plans have already failed. I’ve put them on the back burner of my mind. The immediate needs and craziness of life trumps my dreams and goals. Then halfway through the year and I start scrambling to get going.

Next thing I know it is the end of the year. Yes, there’s much to celebrate in way of accomplishments. However there are still the handful of goals I had set that are still unmet. And this cycle repeats again, and again. To the point where I am setting the some of the same goals this morning that I set for myself last year and the year before. The crazy cycle has to stop and proper planning has to begin.

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Why Simple Goal Setting

Problem Number 1: I’m a super busy mom and entrepreneur. Working from home and raising four kids 10 and younger is ________ (insert the proper adjective here). I realized in 2015 with three kids now in three different schools, I had to get my act together. Quickly. I forgot to pick one kid up one day and almost missed a chorus concert another day. Between kid responsibilities and growing a couple different businesses, on top of training for ice skating and ministry, I can’t cram anything else in my brain.  Answer: I need goals to be short and simple.

Problem Number 2: I always forget about me. In the past when I goal set, and even this morning as I was trying to categorize, I realized the last area I set goals for is ME, personally. Not the things I am involved with. Just personal goals for me, Rachel.
Answer: Don’t feel selfish and set goals for little old me.

I find that I am easily influenced by so many resources. Good resources. People I want to be like and value their opinion and practices. But I’m also just me and I have a unique brain and a unique thought process and a unique life. So do you! So, I think I have figured out a simple and short approach to get ahead on your 2016  goal setting an I wanted to share it with you. I think no matter who you are – mom, college student, boss babe, or retiree – this applies.

Step 1:  Identify 4 or 5 Main Life Categories

Every person is different with different priorities and situations that impact their goal setting. Here are mine as I wrote them:

  • Family
  • Ministry
  • Business
  • Fitness/Ice Skating
  • Me (See how I realized I had forgotten about me and had to stick myself in at the end?)

Step 2: Set Short and Simple Goals for Each Life Category

Make them both big dreams and practical objectives. I identified two to four goals for each life category. Who cares what arduous task it may take to achieve. Set it now. Own it. Cherish it.

Step 3: Create a Time Block Weekly Schedule

I operate in time blocks. I have to or else everything bleeds together and nothing gets done to completion. Now that I have identified my major life categories, my time blocks are created around those four or five areas. I know that I think better in the early morning so I plan a time block of working on business-related tasks before the kids wake up. I know when I train for ice skating and when I have family time, so I block those times out as well. Etc.

Step 4: Get a Good Planner

I feel the push and pull between the paper and digital when it comes to calendaring. This year I have decided to go fully onto paper. When I write things out, I remember them. When I put a calendar entry into my phone, I forget about it. I also need creativity and flexibility in my planning. Since everything is goal focused and not task focused, finding the perfect fit of a planner is important.

After some diligent searching, I just picked up the Top Down Planner. It’s undated so I won’t feel like a loser when I can’t start exactly on January 1st. (procrastination is my M.O. sometimes – thank you Amazon Prime) The planner is also goal-oriented on a weekly and daily basis which is key to pushing toward hitting goals. Plus it has an amazing cover.

What’s Your Plan?

You’ve got four days to detox your crazy cycle life and prepare for an epic 2016. Goal setting isn’t trite. With a goal-focused plan, I can operate in a goal-focused week with goal-focused days. This speaks life to the creative dreamer inside me.

I’ll continue to post on my goal setting initiatives and maybe even share with you some of my goals for the year! I’d love to hear from my forever young friends on what your goals are for 2016.


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  1. After traveling, and what feels like endless days of no structure; this blog definitely got my first planned out day started right on track!

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