Extend the Life of Your Gel Manicure

Gel manicures are some of my favorite treats. Especially when they involved glitter. So I’m just sitting here waiting for an EPIC business call to begin with an unnamed major shopping network. So I figured I might as well do something about my two week old New Years nails. This was a good gel manicure. It’s barely even chipped. However, I don’t feel like getting it taken off yet. Typically, I would just paint a solid color over the entire nail and either wait another two weeks before redoing my nails or take off the gel by slowly chipping and peeling it away. (eeek I know that is so bad for you)

It’s A Real Nail Biter, I Know

But today I thought of something better. Instead of the usual, I went for my shimmer nail polish Glitz by Formula X and just painted the base of my nails. Next I ran a fresh coat of clear over the nail to get the shine that had worn off on the gel manicure. It wasn’t perfect but it sure makes my nails look less ragged. Imagine pairing up two diverse colors for some pop on your nails. Or go for the mute color combo for a more subtle look. Either way, it’s a simple way to keep those gel nails looking extra sharp and some extra money in your pocket for a little bit longer.

Extend the Life of Your Gel Manicure

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