Saturday Musings // January 16, 2016

This Saturday I am thinking on …

Johnny Growing Up

My oldest, Johnny, well he’s 10 these days. And he’s as much of a 10 year old that he can possibly be, pretty much going on 15. Where does the time go? Yesterday he took his first open water check out dive to become SCUBA certified and the last one is this afternoon. He’s always filled with amazement and wonder over the things he does in life, so I can’t wait to hear him retell me his diving stories. Johnny also starts a new flag football season today. This time, with the YMCA. No matter how much I have tried to talk him into pursuing baseball, his passion and love for football trumps it every time. Oh well, I guess a mom is going to have to let her son follow the things in his life that he loves and find satisfaction in. <3

The Perfect Ice Skating Competition Dress

Ice Skating Purple Competition Dress front  Purple figure skating competition dress back

After mulling over the options for my upcoming ice skating competition in Orlando next month, I finally pulled the trigger on a dress. As much black is the new black for me in terms of my favorite color ever, I departed from the norm and went with purple! Ack! I think it is gorgeous and will fit my program well. Maybe I’ll just have to dye my hair purple for the competition! What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

How Sore my Thighs Are

Best spin class ever yesterday. I’ve never attended a spin class where the instructor was more like a coach than someone leading the class telling you in an emphatic way what to do. “The point of training is to over-reach your goal, not to over train. You always have to have one more in the bag. If I tell you stop now, you need to be able to push one more out.” We did these progressions called Stomps where you put the highest resistance that you can on the gear and stomp down and pull back up to build strength. I love this class. It’s going to be my new Friday morning hang out. NorthWest YMCA – come join me!

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  1. This was a great blog to read before getting ready for a busy weekend! It is just a reminder about how fast time goes and how great it is to find the things we are passionate about! You rock! Xoxo

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