Saturday Musings // January 9, 2016

This Saturday morning I’m finding myself daydreaming about…

Building a business.

The Lean StartUpI’ve got a hot new idea which I’ll share soon. But I’ve never felt more inspired in my life. Thinking through what I’ve learned going through one of my favorite (*nerd alert) business books The Lean Start Up. I am a non-stop creator and my thoughts catch fire. Thinking about taking your business concept and making a go at it? I highly recommend you sink your brains into this read first.

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When Chickens Lay Eggs.

We have four chickens in our backyard. They’ve been treated like queens. You should see their coop. It’s seriously the Plaza Hotel of chicken coops. We acquired these baby raptors a few months back as younglings. They’re due to start laying eggs soon, however they’ve become feisty. Trying to nip and peck at me. Staking claim and ownership to the backyard (good luck little chickies cuz that won’t last for very long). Maybe they’re PMS’ing and about ready to start laying those eggs. Either way, they need to lose the attitude and give me my breakfast.

Date Night.

I literally cannot wait for tonight! We are going out on a date. Woohoo! What should I wear? I think the harder question is what should I order? We’re going to one of our favorites – Roy’s. Is the misoyaki butterfish? Is it the tiger prawns? Should I go for the creme brule? Will post pics.


Have a great weekend!


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