February Planning

It’s February and I’m really loving my Top Down Planner! It’s been very helpful in driving my goals down to the day. There’s so much on my plate on a weekly basis that I can get busy spinning wheels on unimportant tasks when I could be speeding forward on valuable, goal-oriented tasks. I had a chance to mark off the accomplishments of January and match them up with my plans. I’d have to say, not too shabby. Yes, there were some pivots along the way and some unexpected surprises on both sides. All in all, success!

At the beginning of each month, the planner has overall month planning. This is where I set my vision for the month and figure out what goals I want to hit and where I want to focus my time. But the part I love the most is the side bar that asks me four questions. I decided to share with you those questions, my answers and why I have selected these specific things this month.

February Goals

february planning statements

1. This month’s success will be:

Diversification in many areas. It’s time to reign in all the many things I have going on and give direction and attention to them individually. This doesn’t just pertain to financial diversification, but on the greater scale of all the areas of my life. I have much variety forming my weeks and month: business, ice skating and fitness, blogging and marketing skillz (yes with a z for pizzazz), ministry, and my personal life. I find that having a successful week and month, at the end of it all, comes back to properly, happily, and peacefully diversifying my crazy life.

2. I will enjoy myself by:

Spending more quality time with my kids. This is definitely not a no-brainer. Yes, I spend lots of time with my kids. A lot of it involves homework, chores, raising and rearing, feeding, clothing, diapering, driving, and watching them participate in sports. But none of that is ever truly quality time. I’m talking about really just letting loose with the kids and laugh more, read more, play games more, and do what they are interested in. Johnny loves to chat about Doctor Who and hang out together at places one on one. Ruthy loves to craft, create and bake with me. Levi loves me to teach him about animals and discover amazing facts he could then tell everyone else about. Naomi likes me to just be with her. Less of me and more of them this month. I promise.

3. I will improve:

My skating skills and blogging consistency. “Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.” – Bruce Lee. This month I have an ice skating competition. (Did you see my dress?) I’ve been working diligently but not as consistently as I would like to. Once competition is over I have set specific and measurable goals so I can see major improvements and potential new tests taken. The same goes with blogging. I do set weekly post goals but some weeks just get away from me. No excuses! Three posts a week from me. Please hold me to it!

4. And focus on:

Being more of me. I am thoughtful of people, but I don’t act on it as much as I should. I will focus on that. I plan of dying my hair purple this month. I am a diversified woman and I am not scared to show it and share it. I have crazy ideas and that is just who I am! Like Sally Hogshead says in her book How The World Sees You “Who you are is the greatest differentiator you’ve ever had.”

Happy February! <3 xox

One thought on “February Planning

  1. I loved reading this blog, especially today. I was thinking of all the things I need to do, want to do and the non existent strategy on how to achieve these goals. It seemed easier to ignore all of it & be a beach bum. Now i am super motivated! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 Oh & as a former hair colorist; I am thrilled that you are diving into purple hair. I think it will look gorgeous with your skin tone.

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