Ice Skating | Why Competing In My Thirties Rules

Ice Skating Is My Outlet

I believe with my whole heart that every single person needs an outlet. Something that gives you goals to create. Accomplishments to push towards. Satisfaction in your soul. This is the essence of staying a Mom Forever Young. Even just feeling Forever Young! For me it is ice skating. I skated as a kid and I loved it. It stayed deep in my soul for years. Decades, even.

With motherhood, career, life – you know, the typical adult things – I found myself further and further away from doing things that gave my soul a fresh filling. Around a year ago I decided to begin training again and try out this adult ice skating thing. I had been on the ice with my daughter for a few months and it was just begging my soul to give it another go. So I started my journey in March 2015 training for a competition. Fast forward one year, I now hold three first place medals, one second and one third! And I’m not stopping.

Two first place, a second and a third place medal from the '90s. A few missing medals cannot be located.

Two first place, a second and a third place medal from the ’90s. A few missing medals cannot be located.

Three first, a second and third place medals from the past year. I can’t even believe it!

Three first, a second and third place medals from the past year. I can’t even believe it!

Adult Figure Skating Rules

Yes, wearing the dress is super awkward. Yes, the nerves can be crazy. Yes, it may take a little bit longer to process what on earth I’m supposed to do. But it’s not because I am an inferior skater. Of course there is more self-awareness in maturity and I will say that I do feel ridiculous in the dress. As an adult I am so much more aware of the nerves, thoughts and feelings than I was at age 13. There are moments before I go on the ice when I seriously feel my legs go numb out of anxiety. And with the mind of an adult who has taken a few decades to learn how to process information and be logical – learning those footwork steps on the fly does take a little bit longer. Rocker rocker, counter, back crossover, right bak outside three, left inside three, choctaw bracket, bower, kick. Wait – you want me to do what? That seriously took me a few weeks!

But let me tell you why being in my thirties and doing all this totally rules. My determination to win and accomplish is far greater now than as a teen. My focus is laser because I know what I am working towards. It’s my money so I’m not squandering it on half-hearted training sessions! And what matters most now is the feeling of setting a goal, working hard towards it, and accomplishing it. So far it’s been to win first in my freeskate. I accomplished that this past weekend. Next few goals for 2016 are to pass the next three levels in my USFS testing, and to land a consistent axel and a few double jumps.

“To the ones who still believe in dreams. Chase them. Chase them until you’re out of breath.”

// Mel Robbins

The Biggest Inspiration

It’s greater than the goals, the accomplishments, the hugs and celebrations. Simply, it is inspiring my daughters to always try. To always dream. To always set a goal, even if it is crazy, and get after it. Run after it. Chase it. Because if it is something inside you that keeps you awake at night, or catches you into a daydream, or sings in your heart – you need to do it. You are created for special, amazing, beautiful works that have been planned for your life since the beginning of time. I want my daughters to believe that and act on it. I want you, my dearest reader, to believe it as well.

With the kids on the podium.

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  1. Great blog for motivation and inspiration. Dreams really do come true when we believe in our self, work hard and have faith. Congratulations 🙂

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