Saturday Musings // February 20, 2016

Instead of writing this in the morning, I’m writing in the afternoon. So, I’ve already had a few things happen today that is causing me to pause and reflect.

Johnny Football

Johnny Football

Even though the season for the Colts isn’t racking up any wins so far, the kids are really coming together. Johnny just loves football and to my best efforts to try and persuade him to baseball, I think I am conceding because he really does have an arm. No only a cannon, but a logical and quick moving mind to make the right play decision in the moment. I can watch him think through the instruction his coach gives him and put the play together. But I think what I like most is sitting on the sideline throwing him big thumbs ups and catching his looks of determination he gives me from the field. Especially at the end when he comes up, gives me a hug and says “I threw a few touchdown passes today for you.” <3 <3 <3

Business Planning

business planning

I used to LOVE to make the plans, write the strategies, create the great road map. However, over the years of doing that I have learned that most plans never happen and play out the way you make them. Planning is all about having an end goal in mind and marching towards it with intention, purpose, and unwavering commitment to see it through. That’s what you have to plan to do. If you have that in the project, when curveballs come and obstacles cause you to deviate your course, it doesn’t matter because you find a way. I believe this with my whole heart. So I’m torn with writing this business plan. The most pertinent piece of advice I have received on this topic has been to write your business plan with what your definition of success is. Thanks Dale Partridge! The business plan will be reflective of the planned growth and paths to take based on how you want to see your success. I’m working on that this weekend and this week. Wish me luck!

New Work Out Top

tsuya brand top kristi yamaguchi

Ok, so I have been eying this tank for literally a year. But who is going to pay $75 for it? It’s been on clearance and now registered in at $24.99. Then yesterday they had a 30% off clearance deal, so guess what? I pulled that trigger baby. I can’t wait to wear this active top at the rink, especially because it is designed by none other than Olympic Gold winner and ice skating legend Kristy Yamaguchi! She gives part of her profits to her organization Always Dream Foundation which inspires underservedĀ children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy. I love her line Tsuya. Check it out! The sale is still going on – used code EXTRA30 in check out on all sale items!

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