Summer Time With the Family

Summer time is gearing up and the kids are ready for fun. Oh, and us parents too! We are winding down the school year with two of the three school-age kids officially on summer break. It’s been a busy spring semester across the board and we are actually looking forward to some rest and relaxation. We have a few trips planned for the early part of summer and a few fun events we are looking forward to. For me, I’m just happy I don’t have to leave with two kids fully dressed and ready for school at 6:55 am and make an hour and fifteen-minute drop-off circle for the next, well, nine and a half weeks.


dancing summer

Summer Time Plans

We are taking a retreat to visit my dad and step-mom in Lakeland  for a week. This means three things for me: pool, good food, and rest. Levi and Naomi recently fell in love with the pool which means no more cautious step sitting but full-on cannon balls!

The following week we are headed to the Keys! This is a big trip. Boating, fishing, diving, suntans, conch fritters, fresh coconuts, early morning sunrises and late nights. This trip is with my mom, step-dad and two of his older grandchildren as well as my whole brood. This momma needs a vacation.

Johnny and Ruthy are working odd jobs this summer so they can have some fun at the Tampa Bay Comic Con in August. They recently dressed up in the best cosplay for the Doctor I have seen them do. I’ll probably wear a Dalek dress with them.

Doctor and Clara

Summer Blues

My oldest has officially entered into middle school life. It’s literally 9:36 am right now and he is still dead asleep. Last night he told me he’d see me in the afternoon. What is happening? I’m all for having slow days here and there. But I’m worried about the constant phrases:

“I’m bored.”

“I have nothing to do.”

“What can I do?”

I’m in search for some good tips to combat this on the slower summer time days. Any mommas out there have a few words of advice for me?

4 thoughts on “Summer Time With the Family

  1. Being bored is okay. It sparks imagination. Give them each a random object and tell them to go outside and create a play incorporating the objects. Big kids help little kids. Or solo performance…. Another idea is to set up an I’m bored/nothing to do jar. Have kids come up with different (free) ideas and write on a slip of paper (charades, board game, ride bike, paint/color, memorize a new scripture). If they say it, they pick a slip from the jar and have to do it. I’m still trying to figure out this myself… Any other ideas? Btw, we will be in keys in June too

    1. Thank you Sally! We will try to keep things imaginative! Ruthy has a constant craving for creating things. Maybe giving her some random object to do something with will help ease her boredom. She’s really the one that vocalizes it the most!

    2. For some reason, I didn’t see all of your comment! I love the jar idea!! We will be in the Keys June 19 – 25! Cudjoe Key. What about you?

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